Your Legal Rights with the police – what really are they?

Whether the police are speaking to you on a voluntary basis or you are under arrest for a criminal offence, you are always entitled to certain rights.

You are entitled to three rights;

The right to have someone informed of your arrest

The right to free and independent legal advice

The right to consult the codes of practice

The right to free and independent legal advice remains the same whether you are being questioned under arrest or being invited to the police station for a voluntary interview. You have the right to speak to an independent solicitor over the phone or in person. This right remains throughout your time at the police station.

Here at Emery Johnson Astills, we offer 24 hour police station advice.

People do not always feel it is necessary to have a solicitor present, however, solicitors are able to make representations on your behalf and assess the evidence; to ensure any arrest or questioning is necessary and effective.

You will be informed your rights as soon as you are detained at the police station or by an officer arranging any such interview, or at the start of any recorded interview.

Whether a minor offence or something most serious Emery Johnson Astills are always able to assist.

If you are unsure as to whether you are entitled to legal advice please contact one of our offices and speak to a member of our Criminal Team at Emery Johnson Astills who will be happy to assist.