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to explain why you need a will

Everyone should have a will – it’s not just your opportunity to make sure that your assets are handled as you would wish after your death, it’s your chance to plan for the financial security of your dependents.

Although you may consider making your own will, you need to be sure that it will be legally binding. We recommend taking legal advice from a solicitor with expertise in will writing, especially if you have

  • a complicated estate (or the way you wish to pass it on is very detailed)
  • assets in excess of the inheritance tax threshold
  • assets outside the UK
  • a business
  • remarried and have children from a previous marriage or relationship
  • someone with mental or physical disabilities to look after
Even if you’ve already made a will, if you haven’t updated it for some time, you will need to ensure it remains relevant and review it if you

  • marry or enter into a civil partnership
  • move in with a partner
  • have children or adopt
  • divorce or separate
  • buy or sell a property
  • your financial situation changes significantly

Your Emery Johnson Astills solicitor will take the time to understand your situation fully and help you plan for the future in a way which protects you and your dependents including creating a power of attorney and any trusts.

Power of Attorney

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