Legal representation: When Social Services are involved

If you require legal representation in relation to Child Law matters do not hesitate to call our Care Team at Emery Johnson Astills on 0116 255 4855 or email us at

Our team are highly experienced and can deal with a range of matters where Social Services are involved. This includes the following:

  • attending Conferences with you such as, Initial and Review Child Protection Conferences,
  • providing initial advice in relation to contact arrangements when a child is in care,
  • representing you in Pre-proceedings and attending pre-proceedings meetings,
  • representing you in Care proceedings.

In terms of funding we may be able to make an application to the Legal Aid Agency on your behalf to cover the costs of your matter if you are eligible. The 3 levels of funding are:

  • Level 1 covers attendance at Conferences and initial advice. This type of funding is means tested and proof of benefits and income is required. If you are not in receipt of benefits to qualify for Legal Aid, you must have a disposable income of less than £733. There are also limits to the amount of capital that you can have.
  • Level 2 covers matters that are in Pre-proceedings. To be eligible we would require confirmation from you that matters will be in/are in Pre-proceedings in the form of a letter from the Local Authority. This type of legal advice is not means tested
  • Level 3 covers Care proceedings. A person is automatically eligible for none means tested none merits tested legal aid if they have parental responsibility for the child. People who have parental responsibility are generally the birth parents or those specified in an order made by the Court. Means and merits tested funding is also available for some family members involved in Court Proceedings.

Alternatively, where Legal Aid is not available, we offer competitive fixed fees.

If you would like to discuss your matter and your funding options contact us at Emery Johnson Astills/0116 255 4855.