What are your options without Legal Aid?

On 1st April 2013, the majority of family law case will no longer be eligible for public funding.  This means most people will not be able to get legal aid for legal advice on their divorce or arrangements for children.

At EmeryJohnson we know getting divorced is stressful enough without the additional worry of mounting legal fees.  We have a range of options to help you budget, and are clear about out fees from the outset so there are no nasty surprises.

Fixed Fee Appointments

Sometimes, all you need to know is where you stand.  For just £100 including VAT, you can see one of our solicitors for personalised legal advice.  They will let you know what your options are and how best to proceed.  They can advise you on whether your case is suitable for mediation or collaborative law, and what your legal options are for your arrangements for your children and your finances.  There is no obligation to continue using our services, but your solicitor will tell you which payments options are best suited to you.

Fixed Fee Divorce

Emeryjohnson will conduct your divorce for a fixed fee of £500 +VAT & court fees.  You know at the outset exactly how much you have to pay.  Your EmeryJohnson solicitor will act as they would in any divorce: drafting court papers, serving your divorce petition, considering possible defences, and advising you on your options if your partner will not cooperate.  Although the overall fee may not differ much from our hourly rate, this option helps you manage your budget.  Fixed Fee arrangements are also available for Collaborative Law & Mediation, financial matters & arrangements for children, just ask your solicitor for more information.

Pay as You Go

With this option you act in person, and pay only when you want to see your solicitor for face to face advice.  You are the first point of contact for all correspondence and undertake your own paperwork and administration; so you don’t pay a solicitor to do this on your behalf.  We simply provide face-to-face advice when you need it.  We can also represent you in court for an additional fee.  If we think you need more support we’ll explore this with you, and make sure you are aware of the costs.

Hourly Rate

Traditionally firms have charged on an hourly rate and emeryjohnson are quite happy to do this if you prefer. You will see from monthly bills exactly what work has been completed on your file and this can help with budgeting. We also have finance arrangements with Novitas which is an established and reputable company. In certain financial cases they will agree to lend money. This could be helpful if your situation is such that you cannot fund the case as it progresses but have a strong case and there is a likelihood of recovering assets at the end. Novitas will assess any application for funding in association with Emeryjohnson. See www.novitasloans.co.uk for more information.

You can book your no obligation fixed fee appointment on this website, or by calling 0116 255 4855.