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Family Solicitors Leicester For A Simple, Low Cost Divorce

When the breakdown of your relationship is amicable, you will only need guidance from us about the correct procedures to follow.

 When is a Fixed Fee Divorce Suitable?

Sometimes known as a cheap divorce, this option offers a practical, cost effective approach when you and your spouse agree that the divorce will not be defended, you can agree on a fair division of assets and you do not need to make any arrangements for children.

 How Much Will A Fixed Fee Divorce Cost?

We’ve included a table below to show exactly how much you will pay and when. As well as our fee, we have shown the cost of disbursements, which are fees we must pay to the Court on your behalf.

Change of Name Deed

We include this service free if you wish to legally change your name at the time of your divorce.

How Long Will It Take?

We would usually expect your divorce to be complete within four to six months, though this can vary from court to court and may be longer if either you or your spouse delays proceedings.






Stage 1

At your initial meeting

£300 + VAT

Stage 2 – Divorce Petition

When we issue your Divorce Petition


Stage 3 – Decree Absolute

When we apply for your Decree Absolute

£300 + VAT

Change of name

No payment required


Total Cost

£600 + VAT



We offer a wide range of fixed fee options that will ensure you have access to the best legal advice and we aim to provide a service that is fairly priced and offers value for money.

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