Taxi Drivers – Do you need legal representation?

In order to become a licensed taxi driver you must obtain a taxi license from the Local Authority.  In Leicester you must have held a full valid driving license for at least one year, and you must also satisfy the Local Authority that you are a ‘fit and proper’ person.  To do this you must pass a further driving test and a local knowledge test as well as a Criminal Records Bureau check and medical test.  Your vehicle must also pass a special MOT before you are authorised to carry passengers in it.

The Local Authority has the power to suspend, revoke or refuse to renew your licence.  The Local Authority has the right to do this if you are convicted of certain types of offence, or where they say there is ‘reasonable cause’.  You however, have the right to appeal any decision to the Magistrates Court.

At Emery Johnson we understand that a refusal to grant or renew your licence can be very stressful.  We can deliver straightforward, practical and realistic advice that can assist you in deciding whether to appeal your case.  We have experienced advocates who are available to represent you in the Magistrates Court.

If you require advice about your taxi licence contact us today to book a fixed fee appointment

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