Social Services support Girl wanting to be a Boy

The parents of a young teenage girl are taking legal action to challenge their local authority’s support for their daughter to transition into a boy.


The young girl has expressed her wishes and explained why she would like to change her gender. The first step that this young girl would like to take is to change her name and take a boy’s name.


The young girl has received the support of her local authority, but her parents object to the transition. The girls’ parents believe that their daughter is too young to take such dramatic action and to make such a decision.


The parents will meet with Social Workers and teachers later this year to decide whether the girl can be known by a boy’s name at school, rather than her current name.


Should parents not follow the advice and guidance offered by Social Workers then the young girl could be removed into foster care. Mr Justice Hayden, in the Family Court, ruled that this matter is not about the transition but “about a mother who has developed a belief structure which she has imposed upon her child”.


Transgender equality has received a great deal of attention in recent times. Professionals involved in these cases will apply their training and skill to each case and consider each case on its own individual merits. Each case will be handled sensitively and with the child’s interests at heart.
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