Should there be a time limit for Police bail?

The Law Society and human rights group Liberty have called for a limit on the time suspects can be kept on police bail, due to some remaining on bail for months or even years.

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act allows for suspects to be held in custody for 24 hours whilst police carry out investigations.  Although in some circumstances this time limit can be extended up to 96 hours, generally, if Police have not completed their investigations after an initial arrest and interview they will bail suspects to a later date.  This means that suspects are released from custody and the ‘clock stops’ until they return to answer bail.

Police can attach ‘conditions’ to bail, which can require suspects to live at a particular address, have no contact with others involved in the case, or even a curfew.

At present there is no time limit for how long suspects can be kept on bail.  Campaigners say that is unfair as it means suspects are kept on bail, sometimes with stringent conditions, with no end in sight.  Campaigners have suggested that there is a time limit to the amount of time suspects can be kept on bail, and that Police should have to apply to a court if they wished to extend this.

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