Relationship breakdown? Cannot agree but do not want to go to Court?

When a relationship breaks down, as well as various difficult emotions you may be experiencing, it may be necessary to make arrangements regarding your children and/or financial matters.

Sometimes it can be very hard to agree such matters without seeking legal advice.  In order to reach an agreement it is possible to resolve matters without the need to go to Court.  This is called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Options available include mediation, collaborative law, mediation and solicitor negotiation.  These methods can assist and support you and your former partner in working together in making decisions as to the amount of time your children should spend with each of you following separation and how money and assets, including the family home, should be divided between you.

ADR is usually quicker, cheaper, less confrontational, gives both of you more control in what happens, rather than matters being decided by the Court, and helps you to resolve the dispute and then move on with your lives.

ADR can help you to achieve a fairer solution to issues arising from your separation with outcomes that work well for your family and children in the long term.  ADR avoids much, if not all, of the conflict and stress associated with Court Proceedings following separation and can be extremely effective in reducing the emotional trauma of separation for your children.

At Emery Johnson Astills two solicitors in our family team are trained collaborative lawyers and a third solicitor is a trained mediator.  Contact Emery Johnson Astills if you would like to discuss options to resolve matters with your former partner without the need for Court Proceedings.

We accept that it may not always be possible to agree matters by way of dispute resolution, which may necessitate Court Proceedings being issued.  All of the family team at Emery Johnson Astills are skilled and experienced in order to guide you through the Court Process and to provide expertise and reassurance to you in the event your matter does go to Court.

The 24th to 28th November 2014 is Family Dispute Resolution Week, promoted by Resolution (  Resolution is “an organisation of 6,500 family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales, who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters”.  All of the solicitors in the family team at Emery Johnson Astills are members of Resolution.  Emma Mitchell, Partner and Leicestershire Law Society Solicitor of the Year 2014/2015 is also on the Standards Committee of Resolution.

Between 24th to 28th November 2014 only we will be offering half price (£50.00 including VAT) appointments with our family solicitors to discuss the options available to you regarding Family Dispute Resolution.  If you would like to book an appointment, call Emery Johnson Astills on 0116 255 4855 and ask to speak with a member of the family team.  Appointments can be offered either at our Loughborough or Leicester Office.