Recalls to Prison

When someone receives a custodial sentence, if they are not an IPP (imprisonment for Public Protection) then they will be released from prison at the half way point of that sentence on  licence”.

They will be supervised by an offender manager on their licence until the expiry of their sentence and given a copy of their licence conditions.    If they do not keep to their conditions then they may be brought back to prison (recalled).

A person can be recalled if:

  • they commit another crime or are charged with another crime or,
  • they are behaving in a way that leads their Offender Manager to think they might be about to commit another crime. For example, if they start drinking heavily and often get violent when they are drunk or,

What happens if someone is recalled to prison?

The person will be arrested and took back to prison.  The length of time a prisoner who has been recalled will have to serve in prison depends on the type of recall they are subject to. There are three different types of recall:

1) For a fixed term period of 28 days. Prisoners are eligible for this unless they are serving a sentence for a violent or a sexual offence, they are serving an extended sentence, or they have been recalled before on the same sentence or they were recalled before their automatic release date having being released early under the Home Detention Curfew scheme or compassionate grounds.

2) Standard recall. This applies to prisoners not eligible for a fixed recall because of the reasons stated above

3) Emergency recall. When a prisoner is eligible for standard recall but their risk of harm or risk of reoffending is deemed too serious to warrant release.

All prisoners are given the reasons for their recall in way of a ‘recall package’ and given the opportunity to make representations to the parole board. They should do this with the help of their solicitor.

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