Police to use drones to catch suspects

Two police forces in Britain are set to start using drones to fight crime and even search for missing people.  Leicestershire Police are not yet one of the forces experimenting with this equipment, and as yet Emery Johnson Astills crime department have not come across the technology being used in a criminal case.

The Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, which has a high tech camera for catching photographs and recording videos. The Drones have a HD downlink which means officers on the ground can see live footage captured by the Drone in the air, which they could potentially use for evidence not only to assist them but in Court cases.

Devon and Cornwall Police began a six month trial of the drones and Dorset police are set to start their own as are many other police forces. Here at Emery Johnson Astills, we suspect it will likely not be long until Leicestershire Police eventually start trialling drone technology.

The forces are not the first in the country to use the unmanned aerial systems to help fight crime. In 2014 a suspected car thief became the first person to be arrested in Britain with the help of a drone. However it is not clear to date just how many people have been caught due to the assistance of the drone.

The drones are also currently being used for surveillance in airports to help with security and terrorism. The drones however will not replace helicopter surveillance.

It is very difficult at this stage though to state how much this will affect the police forces and whether it will provide any extra assistance in arresting suspected criminals.

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