Offences that can also attract criminal sanctions…

Have you been caught by the police on your mobile telephone? Not wearing your seat belt? Not having the appropriate car seat for your child?

The following offences, amongst others, can also attract criminal sanctions:-

–          Driving through a red light

–          Driving without a driver’s licence

–          Driving without insurance

–          Drink driving

–          Speeding

–          Failing to stop and report an accident

You may not have even considered obtaining legal advice however it is likely that you will be asked to attend Court and it is therefore very important that you obtain legal advice before doing so.

emeryjohnson offer a one off advice appointment with one of our specialist Crime Team for a fixed fee of £80.00 including VAT. If you need representation at Court, our Crime Team can discuss costs with you based on the circumstances.

If you find yourself in a position where you require legal advice, please give our Crime Team a call on 0116 2554855.

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