Number of rapists charged by Leicestershire Police is on the up for the third year in a row

Leicestershire Police have reported this week that the number of people arrested on suspicion of rape and subsequently charged with the offence, has increased for the third consecutive year. Specifically one third of all allegations of rape reported to Leicestershire Police in the past year have resulted in the suspect being charged. In addition to this 79% of cases where an allegation of rape has been made in Leicestershire in the past year has resulted in a conviction. In comparison the average number of rape convictions in the UK after an allegation is made currently only stands at 62%.

Leicestershire Police believe that the increase in people being charged and convicted of rape within the county is down to the fact that two years ago a specialist police unit called the Signal Team was set up to investigate serious sexual offences. Detective Inspector Mark Hopkins believes that having a dedicated team with specially trained officers has not only helped the conviction rate when rape allegations are made but also means that the victims of rape are being dealt with more sensitively and are receiving more support. The Signal Team are also working hard to try to reduce the amount of time that it takes to complete investigations so that the distress experienced by the victims is not prolonged.

The Signal Team also works closely with organisations such as Rape Crisis to provide support to victims before and after Court proceedings.

It appears as though the aims of the Signal Team are working especially for victims as Linda Slawson, manager of Leicester’s Juniper Lodge Sexual Assault Referral Centre, which cares for victims, commented; “We have seen a lot of improvements to investigations.”

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