New Divorce Centres

The way that a divorce application is handled has recently changed across England and Wales as the Government has opened 11 divorce centres which receives most of the 120,000 divorces each year.

The Centres have been introduced to try and reduce judicial time to provide an improved service to detect fraud.

The introduction of these Divorce Centre means that most divorce petitions and financial remedy applications are issued from the centre, though the financial application can be transferred to a local court.  Each divorce centre will have a legal advisor who will deal with the majority of uncontested decree nisi applications whereas historically this has been a judge.  The final decree will however still need to be approved by a district Judge.

Not all divorce centres have opened but it is expected that divorce centres will be fully operational by December 2015.  Our local Divorce Centre is at Nottingham Family Court otherwise known as the East Midlands Divorce Unit.

All divorce petitions should therefore now be sent by post to one of the many centres Nationwide or to issue a divorce petition

If you or anyone you know wishes to discuss any aspect of family law please contact us at our Leicester office on 0116 2554855 or at our Loughborough office on 01509 610312.  Emery Johnson Astills will complete a divorce on a fixed fee of £600 + VAT plus court fee of £610.  Initial consultation of £100 including VAT is also offered; appointments not always necessary.