Financial Settlements – My spouse lied, could I receive more?

On 14th October 2015 it was reported in the national media that the Supreme Court had ruled that two ex-wives, Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohil, should have received more in their divorce settlements from their wealthy husbands.  This was because their husbands had lied to the Court regarding the amount of their assets.  The basis for the original settlements was, therefore, based on fraud.  Emery Johnson Astills Family Department have already received some enquiries since the recent rulings were made.

Some lawyers have expressed concerns that the Judgment would “open the floodgates” and result in lots of couples returning to Court to argue over assets in respect of which the Court had ordered settlement many years ago.

However, other lawyers consider the recent developments a powerful deterrent;  discouraging divorcing couples from being dishonest during the course of financial relief proceedings.

At Emery Johnson Astills the solicitors in the Family Department have a wealth of expertise in advising and assisting clients during the stressful process of divorce and financial relief proceedings.

If financial orders were made at the conclusion of your divorce and you now believe that your spouse may not have been truthful about what assets they owned and the value of them, which resulted in you receiving a smaller settlement, please contact Emery Johnson Astills Family Department for further advice.

If you are currently considering separation or divorce, or are already in the process of getting divorce and trying to sort out financial matters and require assistance in this regard, do not hesitate to contact a member of the Family Department at Emery Johnson Astills on 0116 2554855.