Divorce Solicitors in Leicestershire

Helping To Untangle Your Finances

You can negotiate your future financial arrangements at any time before, during or after your divorce but before you can reach a final settlement, you may need to resolve maintenance and arrangements for children.

Your Emery Johnson Astills divorce solicitor has the expertise to advise you about property ownership, capital assets, business interests, household outgoings and the intricacies around the sharing of pension funds. She can also negotiate an agreement on your behalf, so you may not need to involve the courts at all.

If you’re using mediation or collaborative law, your Emery Johnson Astills solicitor will convert any agreement into an order which will be recognised and enforceable by the courts.

There’s more information in our Fact Sheet and our easy-to-use forms which help you to calculate your assets and future financial needs:

Equipped with this information, you can book a fixed fee consultation to explore your options which could include one or more of our budget friendly fixed fee packages.