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Supporting Your Happy Marriage

Agreeing what you would want to happen should your relationship break down is not going to be the most romantic part of your wedding preparations, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic either.

It can make sense to talk about a pre-nuptial agreement at the same time as you make decisions about joint or separate bank accounts, adding (and removing) names on mortgage documents etc and updating your wills to reflect your new status.

What Does A Pre-Nuptial Agreement Cover?

It is essential that you both take independent legal advice. Although the courts may not automatically enforce a pre-nuptial agreement, the fact that you each sought legal counsel before signing will demonstrate that you intend to be bound by the terms of your agreement.

You must sign any pre-nuptial agreement at least 21 days before you actually get married but don’t worry if you’ve left it too late for a pre-nup; we’re increasingly helping clients to draw up post-nuptial agreements too.

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