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A Fair Deal For Cohabiting Couples

Emery Johnson Astills supports calls for a change to the law to protect the increasing number of couples who choose to live together before, or instead of, marriage. In the meantime, there is no legal status to support the phrase ‘common law’ husband or wife.

This means that if your relationship breaks down, as cohabitants, you cannot expect fairness from the law, there is no legal provision for maintenance or pension sharing and, unless any property is jointly owned with the deeds in both names, it can be extremely difficult to establish ownership to secure a fair share.

Cohabitation agreements have yet to be fully tested in court but they can encourage you to think clearly about what you want to happen if the relationship ends. Your Emery Johnson Astills solicitor will be happy to help you draw up an agreement, covering financial and property matters, to put your relationship on a firmer legal footing should the worst happen.

Download our fact sheet to find out where you stand then read how our fixed fee Cohabitation Agreement can give your relationship the best current legal protection.