Your Family Solicitor in Leicestershire

Supporting You In Happiness and Challenging Times

Family law is not all about separation and divorce. In fact, we’re very good at supporting your relationships and family life from the very outset.

Your Emery Johnson Astills solicitor can help you to set-out a co-habitation agreement or pre-nuptial agreement, or, if you’re already married, put a post-nuptial agreement in place.

Emery Johnson Astills supports same sex couples entering into Civil Partnerships. And we guide prospective parents through adoption and donor conception agreements, for the happiest of life’s occasions.

Should family life become challenging, Emery Johnson Astills can provide a solicitor expert in childcare and issues involving Social Services. And we have the knowledge and experience to act for you in cases of forced marriage.

Whenever you need expert family legal advice, book a fixed fee consultation with Emery Johnson Astills.