Resolution Solicitor in Leicestershire

For A More Dignified Divorce

Emery Johnson Astills is a member of Resolution, the organisation founded to prevent the legal process itself from increasing acrimony between separating couples.

As divorce becomes a fact of life for many families, Emery Johnson Astills supports the growing number of couples seeking a constructive settlement of differences and co-operation in decisions concerning children.

Emery Johnson Astills is currently one of the only Resolution firms in Leicestershire to offer both Mediation and Collaborative Law solicitors, to achieve the core principle of the Resolution Code of Practice: a non-confrontational approach to family law matters.

Mediation can help to reduce hostility and improve relations between you and your partner. This can be especially useful when you’re trying to sort out disagreements about your finances and especially your children, since you are likely to have to cooperate for some years over their care and upbringing.

Your Emery Johnson Astills Resolution mediator works with you and your partner to agree a sensible, practical solution you both believe is “fair”. She can give you general information about the law but cannot give you personal legal advice. Very often, only a few mediation sessions are needed for couples to resolve matters and come to an amicable agreement which can make mediation an extremely cost effective approach to divorce.

You may be happy to have your Resolution mediator as your sole guide. However, if you have chosen a Resolution mediator who does not work for Emery Johnson Astills, you can see your Emery Johnson Astills solicitor, at any time before or between mediation sessions, for independent advice about your rights, what the law would consider in the best interest of your child(ren) and what it would consider fair in financial matters.

If you’d like to know more, you can download our fact sheet or enquire about fixed fee mediation.

Like Mediation, Collaborative Law seeks to agree divorce matters in a dignified, non aggressive manner. However, unlike mediation, where you both work together with one Mediator, Collaborative Law assembles you, your partner with your respective solicitors in meetings to negotiate agreements and resolve financial and other issues, without the involvement of the courts.

Should you and your partner choose Collaborative Law, you are protected by the expert advice of your Emery Johnson Astills Resolution solicitor and, as with Mediation, you will feel you have more control over events because you don’t have to let a judge make decisions on matters which are important to you.

If you’d like to know more, you can download our fact sheet:

With both Mediation and Collaborative Law, because neither of you is out to seek revenge or retribution, it should be easier for you both to maintain amicable contact with each other, family and friends during negotiations and beyond.

Even if you choose a more conventional approach, as a Resolution solicitor, Emery Johnson Astills will aim to help you finalise your divorce in a constructive and sensitive way wherever possible.

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