Domestic Violence and Abuse – Where to find help

Legal Advice and Assistance

Here at Emery Johnson Astills our Domestic Violence and Abuse Department (DVAD) is very experienced and extremely knowledgeable in assisting with legal remedies through the Family Court in relation to domestic violence and abuse.

We are pleased to announce we are one of the panel firms of solicitors for the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV).  As well as assisting clients seeking help via the NCDV, we are also committed to continuing to provide a dedicated, sympathetic service to clients who contact us directly.

Many of the clients we advise have never previously reported the violence and abuse to anyone.  They are often very worried that no one will believe them.  This is not a bar to our DVAD helping them to obtain an Injunction (Non-Molestation Order), if appropriate.  Applications can also be made to the Family Court to keep the perpetrator out of and away from the family home, if necessary.  This is called an Occupation Order.

Where children are concerned and a parent is worried the perpetrator may attempt to keep them in their care, putting them at risk of harm, orders can be sought from the Family Court to prevent this happening.  Our DVAD can assist with children matters also.

Legal Aid is available for applications to the Family Court where an individual is seeking protection for themselves and their children from a perpetrator.  Legal Aid is also available in some circumstances for children matters.

If you require legal advice and assistance because you have been subjected to domestic violence and abuse, don’t hesitate, contact our DVAD, either by emailing, or by phoning Emery Johnson Astills on 0116 255 4855 and asking to speak with a member of the DVAD.  All enquiries will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Practical Advice and Assistance

Since December 2015, in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, anyone needing practical help in relation to domestic violence and abuse can contact United Against Violence and Abuse (UAVA) by calling 0808 80 200 28 or emailing

UAVA services are available to city, county and Rutland residents.  UAVA will connect those needing help with organisations, including local domestic violence charities, that can provide what they require.  This can range from counselling and support with an Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA); to support following sexual assault or abuse; support for children who have witnessed or been subjected to domestic violence and abuse; assistance with rehousing and/or fleeing domestic violence; assistance with making the current home more secure and other services that may be necessary.