Do you know about Warning Zone in Leicester?

Warning Zone is an interactive life skills centre in Leicester and is attended by thousands of school children in Leicester and Leicestershire each year. The centre teaches life skills to children and has several interactive scenarios for them to experience together with an E-Safety Zone. Fire Risk in the Home, Alcohol and Anti- Social Behaviour and Road Safety are just a few of the walk through scenarios that children can experience at Warning Zone in order to gain an understanding of the risks that they may face in everyday life.

Some of us at Emery Johnson Astills solicitors attended the centre on the 8th May 2017 and were lucky enough to be given a guided tour of the centre. The scenarios are very realistic and interactive and it is very clear that Warning Zone has a lot offer for the children of Leicestershire.

As a charity, Warning Zone relies on school contributions and the generosity of local individuals, trusts and businesses for sponsorship and donations. Emery Johnson Astills are extremely proud to have sponsored the Cyber Bullying and Trolling pod which is in the E-Safety Zone. The E-Safety Zone teaches children about staying safe when using the internet which is essential given the increasing amount of time that children spend online.

When you walk into the zone, it feels as if you are at a fairground as the stalls are fairground themed. The aim of the Cyber Bullying and Trolling Pod is to knock down skittle type cushions on the stall, all of which have printed on them, the names of different items of technology. You knock the skittles down by throwing bean bag shaped insults. Once knocked down, the skittle is then retrieved and on the reverse of the skittle is actually a person. The message of the game is to teach children, in an interactive way, that behind every piece of technology which may be used to throw insults at others is a real person with real feelings.

We are very pleased to have contributed towards the E-Safety Zone at Warning Zone which is undoubtedly having a positive impact on the children in our community as they make the transition into secondary education.

To find out more about Warning Zone, please click on the link below.