Are you a student at University, studying to gain employment for your future career? If you find yourself in trouble with the police or criminal courts, you are expected to inform the University. If you receive a caution or conviction you could find yourself facing disciplinary proceedings.
Each University has its own rules and regulations dealing with student discipline but a caution or conviction may result in the University referring your to its Disciplinary Board for a hearing about your case and this might result in expulsion preventing you from contininuing your studies.
The most common University disciplinary penalties are:
• Exclusion – a penalty which temporarily prevents a student from attending any class/or classes and/or from any part of the University or its precincts for a specific period of time.
• Expulsion – a penalty which requires a student to leave the University permanently.
• Reprimand – a penalty which is notified in writing to the student and school concerned.
Here at Emery Johnson Astills we are able to offer you advice on the disciplinary procedure and to help you fight your case with the University.
At a Disciplinary Board Hearing you have the right be represented by someone who is an experienced advocate and who can ensure your case is presented in a strong and cogent manner. At Emery Johnson Astills our advocates are quickly able to identify the relevant points in mitigation and will work with you to ensure the strongest possible submissions are put before the Board.
We recently represented a student who appeared before a University Disciplinary Board following a conviction at the Crown Court. Using both oral and written representations the Board were successfully persuaded that this Student be permitted to remain at University to continue studying for a degree.
Emery Johnson Astills were able to advise and represent the student throughout the proceedings and prepare written and oral mitigation which led to the Board finding in favour of the student.
Emery Johnson Astills are experts in Criminal Defence and provide strong and supportive representation if you find yourself facing any type of criminal prosecution or face a Disciplinary Hearing at University.
Please contact a member of the Criminal Defence Team at crimeteam@johnsonastills.com or on 0116 2554855.