Decriminalisation of Drugs

Public health bodies are calling for the personal possession of drugs to be decriminalised.

The current criminal law states that if you are found in possession of any illegal substance, you can be arrested and prosecuted before the Courts.

The Royal Society of Public Health and the Faculty of Public Health are arguing that drug misuse should be a health issue, rather than a matter for the Courts.

The society commissioned a poll of more than 2,000 UK adults and found that more than half; namely 56% agreed that drug users in their local area ought to be referred for treatment, rather than charged with a criminal offence. However, the law has not been changed.

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Possession of a controlled drug is an either way offence, this means that it can be dealt with either in a Magistrates or Crown Court. The maximum penalty depends on both the trial venue and the class of drugs.

You may think, that the offence is not the most serious of offences, however the sentencing guidelines state immediate imprisonment can be imposed in certain circumstances.

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