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Renowned For Success In The Criminal Courts

Anyone can find themselves on the wrong end of a police or Customs & Excise investigation and Emery Johnson Astills solicitors are here to offer help and support, whatever your alleged offence.

We undertake both publicly funded and privately paid work, from petty theft and road traffic offences, through all aspects of prison law, white collar crimes and fraud, to high profile drug-related cases and murder.

We provide a 24 hour service, should you need urgent advice, and offer continuity of representation and advocacy in all criminal courts including Youth, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts, and have demonstrated considerable success defending our clients.

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Explore your defence options with your Emery Johnson criminal solicitor.


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Fixed Fee Road Traffic Defence

Manage your costs when faced with prosecution for a road traffic offence.


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Advocacy: Not Just For Criminal Offences

Make your case to School Admission panels, Trading Standards hearings & more.


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