Collaborative Law, Children and Finances

Separation or divorce can be a sensitive and stressful time. Emery Johnson Astills are experts in family law and our specialist solicitors are here to support you and advise you through this emotional time.


The breakdown of a relationship can result in a number of different issues that need to be addressed and just because your relationship no longer works it does not mean you have completely different views. Separating couples still have one common interest – the children and generally both parents wish to continue to be the best parent they can and do not want their children to suffer as a result of their relationship breakdown.


How Collaborative Law Works


Under the collaborative process you will meet with your partner and your respective solicitors in meetings to negotiate and reach agreements on all issues that will affect you and the children. Throughout the collaborative process you will feel as though you have more control over decisions being made for your children as you will make the decisions yourself after discussion and advice from your solicitor. Emery Johnson Astills are committed to finding the best solutions for you by agreement, rather than through court proceedings.


Sometimes only a couple of meetings are needed, occasionally more are required. Once you and your partner reach an agreement it will be put into effect with a court order.


The Benefits of Collaborative Law


As parents you are able to talk openly to each other about your children meaning that solutions are generally more workable and more effective in the longer term. The process does not have a strict timetable imposed by the court and your meetings can be arranged around your family’s commitments and priorities. There are generally no constraints about what can be discussed; if it is important to you then it is important to the process of separation.


Collaborative law is much more amicable than the court process which generally means that you will be happier as parents, which should lead to happier children.


Emery Johnson Astills are experts in collaborative law, we are a member of Resolution which is the organisation founded to prevent the legal process increasing animosity between separating couples. Emma Mitchell and Jonathan Foster are both specialist collaborative solicitors at Emery Johnson Astills and have acted for a number of couples who have been happy to resolve matters around the table with them.


Your future does not have to be bursting with animosity whenever your children reach a milestone. The collaborative law process means that as parents you will both be able to make those important memories – birthdays, graduation and wedding day.


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