Emery Johnson Astills Care Department

Supporting Families Under Strain

Our solicitors understand the stresses and strains on modern family living and the effect these can have on children, their relationships with their immediate family, and their interaction with the world around them.

Emery Johnson Astills’ Care Department is recognised as the leading provider of advice to families and professionals involved with Social Services in the East Midlands. We understand the system and the law which underpins it and have vast experience of working with families and children who need assistance.

Your Emery Johnson Astills Care Department solicitor will ensure that the best interests of your child(ren) are always at the forefront and provide reassurance that, like so many previous clients, your family can survive your immediate troubles.

If you or your children are experiencing difficulties and Social Services are involved, contact us at careteam@johnsonastills.com for immediate expert advice and representation.