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You won’t get an anonymous call centre when you contact Emery Johnson Astills, you’ll always be able to speak to someone who can help with your enquiry. Use the links on the right to meet your Emery Johnson Astills specialist solicitors.

Although we simply refer to all of our qualified staff as solicitors, you may wonder why a qualified solicitor is referred to as an assistant or what it means to be a senior solicitor, we hope you’ll find these descriptions useful.

Partner qualified solicitor, the equivalent of a director in business
Associate Solicitor qualified solicitor involved in the management of the firm but not a partner
Senior Solicitor qualified solicitor who has been qualified for more than ten years
Assistant Solicitor qualified solicitor who does not meet any of the other criteria above
Solicitor Advocate qualified solicitor who can represent a client through every stage of a case, including in the higher courts in England and Wales, with no need to instruct a barrister for court appearances

The partners at Emery Johnson Astills solicitors are as follows:

H.L.Johnson Ltd

E.C.Mitchell Ltd

Stephen Swanton Ltd

Jonathan  Foster

Isabel Wilson

Please use the links on the right to meet the members in each department.