­­­New Guidelines Issued on Teenage and Elderly Abuse

The Crown Prosecution Service have issued new guidance on how prosecutors should approach domestic abuse in the case of the elderly and teenagers. The guidance, which is intended to help prosecutors decide when to bring charges against perpetrators of domestic abuse has been put out for consultation and will be considered further before coming into force. The CPS felt these areas have not been properly prosecuted and that guidance was needed for those prosecuting domestic abuse to know what to look for.

It has been shown that violent abuse between partners does not decrease as couples grow older so the guidance is designed to alert prosecutors to those situations where it is appropriate to bring charges against older perpetrators. The guidance suggests that, as older people become more isolated and excluded, they are vulnerable to domestic violence.

The guidance also focusses on young people who may be victims of domestic abuse, particularly within a gang setting and on social networking.  Notably, it points out that young people may be abused through social media or their phone and that abuse need not be violent. Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said “Some teenagers may not consider themselves victims of domestic violence, especially if they are not being physically abused but are being targeted on social media for example”. The guidance suggests restraining orders and bail restrictions as appropriate sentences.

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